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Our Story

Hoo provides home office solutions to elevate work experience and inspire productivity. 

You may be wondering why we’re named hoo. We chose this name because it is the sound associated with owls - who are symbols of wisdom and strategy. It is also the first three letters of the word hooray - a word that people shout when excited.

We even named our collections after our fantastic designers, as we wanted to have each of our customers feel like part of a team and we hope that our standing desks will constantly fuel creativity and bring life to your work space.


We focus on delivering products and solutions that combine digital and ergonomic concepts to help more home spaces equip with productivity and agility.

We knew that if we wanted to make a meaningful difference, it wouldn’t be as simple as adding the height adjustment ability to a simple desk. To set a new standard, we had to focus on more fundamental changes: an intelligent interactive system,  a focus on function and design,  and an investment in experience.

 Each Hoo product is tested and certified to meet the highest industry standards for durability and safety

User experience is our priority. We have been trusted by over 3,000 offices and 100,000 end users world-wide for the past 7 years, and made their workspaces energizing to spend time in.



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