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Initiate A Healthy And Productive Work Style Today

Standing desks are a trend sweeping many workspaces, since studies have shown that sitting for long periods can have adverse effects on our health. Results show a mix of sitting and standing increases productivity and general well-being at work. With more people now working away from the office, standing desks are undoubtedly one of the biggest remote working trends, as well as a way of reducing sedentary behaviour.


Features and capabilities


A better sedentary reminder to help develop balanced sitting and standing habits

Different from other standing desks, hoo Standing Desks include a sedentary reminder that could help develop balanced sitting and standing habits. A suite of notification options are available to you, reminding you to reduce the time spent being sat down.

Set desk height with just one touch

One-touch requires only a single touch of the memory key button on the handset to move the desktop to a preset memory location. Three memory keys enable you to set three heights for quick access.

One desk fits all

An adjustable height desk works ergonomically for everyone, regardless of age, height or physical conditions. Whether you need a high table to do your craftwork, you need to switch between sitting and standing to work on hand-drawn illustrations for a new book, or your children want a wide desktop for all their homework, your desk can be adjusted to suit everyone.


Buying a standing desk sounds like a good solution for reducing prolonged sitting and elevating your work experience, but without correctly and healthily using it, it is just a desk.


How to determine your desk height?


A few things to keep in mind: 

  • Typing Position: 

Make sure that you can type in an L-shape in both the seated and standing position (Keyboard should be below your elbow when typing).

  • Eye Height:

Rule of thumb is that you want your eyes to line up with the top two to three inches of your monitor, and to have your monitor 20–28 inches from your face in both the seated and standing positions. 

  • What is the best sitting to standing ratio?

A recent study shows the ideal sit-to-stand ratio is between 1:1 and 1:3. Think of standing as pushing a reset button on your body, try standing up after 20min work, and you'll soon love working while standing and will find yourself more energetic and productive.



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